Venue and Travel

L Venue LOFT 2016, Q Hotel Au Quartier, M Hotel Mabi, D Design Hotel

LOFT 2016 will take place at:                                                                                                                        Sint Hubertuslaan 12, Tapijnkazerne, Building Z, Lecture Hall,  Maastricht University.  It’s a small building and the lecture hall is straight ahead from the entrance.

Flying to Maastricht

You can reach Maastricht using different airports. For international travelers the most convenient airports are Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS), Brussels Airport (Zaventem; BRU) and Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS).

The Netherlands
• Eindhoven Airport – 1 hour by car from Maastricht
• Maastricht-Aachen Airport – 20 minutes by car from Maastricht
Schiphol Amsterdam – 2,5 hours by car from Maastricht

• Brussels Airport (Zaventem) – 1 hour by car from Maastricht
• Charleroi Airport (Brussels) – 1,5 hours by car from Maastricht
• Liege Bierset Airport – 0,5 hours by car from Maastricht

• Düsseldorf International Airport – 1.5 hour by car from Maastricht
• Düsseldorf/Weeze Airport – 1,5 hour by car from Maastricht
• Cologne-Bonn Airport – 1 hour by car from Maastricht

Train from Airport to Maastricht

Maastricht has excellent train connections with Schiphol Airport, meaning that there are train connections every 30 minutes from Schiphol to Maastricht, which takes approximately 2,5 hours. The train stops at Maastricht Central Station, which is situated in the city center. You can also take the train from other airports to Maastricht.

• Schiphol Amsterdam – 2,5 hours travel time
• Brussels – 1 hour travel time
• Düsseldorf – 3 hours travel time
• Paris – 2,5 hours travel time
• London – 4 hours travel time

From Maastricht CS, please check the Dutch route planner for bus connections.

Taxi Shuttle from Airport to Maastricht

Another option is to take a taxi shuttle from the airport to Maastricht.